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Hi! :icongrin--plz:

My name is 7-tan, and I'm currently a student earning a B.A. in English at university. My passion is the literary arts, and I plan on pursuing it to become an author. In the meantime, I love art and drawing - as well as writing short stories. My deviantart should reflect it! I hope that, since you're reading this, you'll find something you like on my page! :) Feel free to contact me, it's amazing to meet new people.


Oh, and you can follow me on twitter at


Terra and Kanter by 7-Tan
Terra and Kanter
Two of my new favorite OCs, Terra and Kanter. (Terra being the boy, and Kanter the dragon.) I can promise you'll see more of these two in the future! :D This was also my first time using public domain textures, and I think it adds a lot to the drawing. Let me know what you think!
Chapter 1

   A strong wind blew violently across the barren plain of land beneath Sniper’s perch, causing a slight distortion in his vision of the scene below. He had himself placed securely behind the doorframe of his favorite spot, peeking around to ensure that no one caught sight of where he was. Today’s battle was particularly brutal; the bloodshed cringeworthy. When the dust finally settled enough for the shaded man to see clearly, he set the enemy’s Blu Scout in his sights. One swift shot and the boy was down - this being one of the several times that he respawned during the day. Moving swiftly, he was able to get a shot at the enemy team’s medic - causing the older man’s head to explode all over the Heavy. Sniper had been attempting to get the enemy medic for several hours, as he was the most annoyingly helpful for the teams. His teammates were below, making good use of the new weakness. This newest development may cause the day’s long battle to finally close.
   Pulling his hat off, Sniper allowed himself to relax for a moment and stretch. With the release of tension, he sighed to himself. He looked back down at the action below and everything was beginning to disperse. No intelligence had been received, even though many attempts had been made on the documents of both teams respectively. Thoughts of abandoning his post in light of the ending battle flitted through his head, but something didn’t seem quite right about the situation. As he watched Red Medic and Heavy, as well as a couple of his other teammates head back towards their camp - on the assumption that everyone had been killed - he caught a glimpse of movement. It was very brief, however, and he almost thought it was a trick of his eyes. He continued to stare, and realized that a slight bit of dust had been kicked up near the side of a building. He considered for a moment shooting at the wall, but his value of efficiency dictated otherwise. He was low on ammunition after the long day, and would need to restock before going on a shooting stream once again. He watched longer and saw no more flits of movement. He began to question himself, and realized it had been a very long day with a lot of sun and wind. He was probably just tired.
   As he began gathering up his things, a nagging feeling of dread kept tickling the back of his mind. His gut told him to sit back down and keep his finger on the trigger of his gun, so he did just that. His gut was never wrong, so why stop trusting it now? As he continued to sit, staring intently at the buildings below and scanning for movement, the feeling grew stronger. It was slowly morphing into a feeling of being watched, and he turned to look behind himself. He took in a deep breath and listened, nothing immediately signaling to his senses that another person was intruding. He had always hated Spies, but now he was bordering on loathing them. Their silent movements and invisibility cloak were almost an unfair advantage in a situation like this, let alone their intelligence. Huffing in annoyance, Sniper stood and cocked his gun.
   “I know you’re there.” He called out, staring into the open doorway behind himself. He wasn’t sure whether he expected an answer or not.
   When no answer readily echoed from anywhere, Sniper sighed to himself and lowered his weapon. Maybe his senses were getting dulled due to the constant battles lately? He decided as much was plausible and finished picking up his things. He hesitated upon exiting, but pulled his hat down lower on his brown locks and left the building. By now his teammates were back at the Red base, so he was left to walk with only his suspicions and nerves.
   As he trod along, the sun beat down on his head harshly. The only sound was the wind and his footfalls on the ground. His instincts were still on alert, however he was ignoring them. Once he reached the base he would be able to take a shower and hopefully calm down. “Actin’ like a bush baby, I am.” He shook his head, muttering to himself. As if on cue, a voice sounded from behind him in a French drawl.
   “My thoughts exactly, Bushman.” The suited Blue Spy stated, flicking his cigarette to the ground.
   At the sound of the voice, Sniper whipped around with his kukri out and ready. “I knew you were lurkin’ somewhere around here.” Sniper said as he took in the spy. His tailored suit was a bit dirty along the cuffs and pants, with some blood stains around the chest area. From the heat of the day, the once ironed suit was now crinkling and looking a bit shabbier than normal. The usually prim-pressed spy looked like he had been through hell during the day.
   “Too bad your senses are as dull as that knife you carry.” Spy said sarcastically, stroking his own ego. “You have no idea how close I really was.” The spy rolled the words off his tongue, making the statement unnerve Sniper a little more than usual. As a man that enjoyed his privacy, any encroachment without his knowledge was more than unsettling.
   “Why don’t you shut that cake hole of yours and let’s settle this?” Sniper spat, his words coming out far more venomous than his intent to back them up. He was tired after the long day, and was truly not in the mood for a spy.
   “Of course, like gentlemen. Shall we?” As he finished his statement, Spy lurched forward while flipping his knife out with speed. He met Sniper’s kukri with amazing force, knocking the taller man back a few steps.
   Sniper quickly regained his footing and used the length of his kukri in an attempt to slice through the spy’s midsection. Spy was much faster, however, and jumped back in time. Sniper covered the space between the two quickly, slicing through the air once again in the direction of the spy. Spy laughed maniacally in response to his second miss.
   “Are you even trying, mon cher?” Spy said the words with a sickening twist, attempting to unnerve the other man.
   Sniper knew that he was much slower than usual, and his limbs were feeling heavier than normal. The exhaustion from the day was sweeping upon him, and he had a sudden powerful urge to finish this interaction. “I’m just getting started, mate.” He said with false strength. The truth of the matter was that he hadn’t been killed not once throughout the day, and his lack of health and rest was wearing on him.
   Spy seemed to be more than perceptive at the moment, and seemed to observe the weakness the taller man was feeling. “Petit fleur, you’re looking a bit weak.” He said while laughing. “Too bad.” He lunged forward once again, landing a solid punch to Sniper’s jaw.
   Sniper hit the ground with a thud, his hat and sunglasses having fallen from his face on impact. He looked tiredly up at the smirking spy above him, and gripped his kukri. The spy idly flipped around his knife with ease. “Tell me when you are ready to surrender.” Spy grinned.
   Sniper kicked Spy’s legs out from underneath him, causing the man to land on his side. Springing to life, Sniper brought his kukri to the other man’s throat. “Drop your knife, Snake.” He said breathlessly, kneeling over the masked man.
   The spy laughed in response and released his grip on the knife. Sniper grabbed it quickly and threw it far away from the two. Spy said with a sigh, “So, the Bushman is good with not only a rifle, but a knife as well.” Spy looked up expectantly at Sniper, daring him to kill him. “Before you press that dull blade into my neck, you may want to know that my attack was not random.”
   “What?” Sniper asked, before he could stop himself. Most of the killings that occurred at the Fortress were random. There was little purpose to the killing other than to beat the opposing team, and even that allowed members to randomly kill and attack whoever they pleased.
   The spy basked in his little moment of triumph over the kukri-wielding man above him. “I have some information that might interest you, mon cher. Something very interesting.” Spy smirked at the man above him, and used a gloved finger to run along the edge of the blade pressing against his throat.
   “Nothing you’ve got to say would interest me.” Sniper quipped, although inside he was truly intrigued. What kind of information would an enemy spy want to share? He squinted at the face beneath him, glaring hard. He was really wanting that shower now.
   Spy grinned. “I’m sure you’ll think otherwise.” He tapped his finger on the blade expectantly. “Especially since it could mean a definite end of this whole “game” we’ve been playing.”
   Taken aback by the spy’s words, Sniper couldn’t help but find himself interested. Most days now he had to remind himself of why he had taken the job in the first place. It definitely paid enough, but he missed the freedom and enjoyment of life that he used to have. Sure, sometimes he was challenged - but those moments were coming fewer and farther in between. He longed to get fired, and escape the endless cycle of death that he’d trapped himself in.
   At Sniper’s silence, Spy considered it confirmation of his interest. “I’d like a trade, however. It involves removing your oversized butter-knife and allowing me to live.” He looked up expectantly. “What do you say?”
   Something told him not to make a deal with a Spy, and to just kill him on the spot - but his curiosity was piqued. “No funny business, Wanker.” He said at last, removing the knife and standing above the man.
   “Of course, mon cher.”
   Spy quickly got to his feet and dusted himself off. He took in Sniper, in all his rugged and tanned filth. Sniper looked like he had been beaten as well today, despite being on the winning team. Spy pulled out another cigarette and lit it, taking in a big puff of smoke.  “The respawn system will soon fail us.” He said flatly, his previous grin fading away. “As well as the main control center.” Spy scrutinized Sniper’s face for a response.
   At first, Sniper was speechless. “How do you know something like that will happen?” He asked, sliding his kukri into its hilt. “That doesn’t seem like something anyone would plan for.”
   “I am a spy, I don’t know anything for certain.” The masked man’s accent became thicker suddenly, as though the weight of the situation wore him down. “But this came from a reliable source.” He shook his head, and offered his cigarette to the other man.
   Sniper declined the offer with a wave of his hand. “So you’re telling me that the next time we all have it out, we might be killing each other for real?”
Failure - Chapter 1
This is my first Team Fortress 2 fanfiction, and I'm very excited to be finally presenting it to you guys! It's been under construction for a while, and I will be updating with more chapters very soon. I hope you guys enjoy it - and definitely let me know what you think in the comments!

Disclaimer: I do not own Team Fortress 2 or any characters associated with it.

Next Chapter: In progress
It's nice to  be back on deviantart, it's been too long.

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